Contractor Business

What /Industry:

Deploy manpower across the various work sites and schedules

Set Goals:

To increase productivity levels and access to real-time information

Challenges they faced:

  • Very low productivity levels
  • Paper-based process which created lack of standardization and impacted efficiency
  • Lack of accurate and real-time information
  • Difficulty in tracking employees’ locations, whether they have reported to work on time. Was done on platforms like Whatsapp, which cause much confusion
  • There were no compatible solutions in the market

Benefits after using VIVE Software:

  • Increase cost savings, improved productivity levels thus leading to increased profitability
  • Streamlined workflows and automated majority of the processes
  • Brought about a lot of convenience to the stakeholders
  • Improved communication and satisfaction levels
  • Access to real-time information (eg real-time location of employees)
  • Increased mobility

“We can process more information and the increase in efficiency levels has enabled us to grow company.”

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Director - 8W Electrical Contractor Pte Ltd

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