Infor WMS

2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Warehouse Management Systems

Enabling Better Tomorrow

B2B and DC2 processing from a single facility

Simplify and optimize omni-channel fulfillment operations

Intuitive wave management
Flexible allocations including Dynamic, Hard and others
Multiple levels of units of measurement
Inventory attributes such as lot codes, country of origin, shelf life, size, style, color and more
Easy integration to small parcel shipping systems
Immediate insights with visual warehouse

Gained enhance visibility of the facility to improve and streamline inventory management

Validation of physical configuration set up
Visual queries of inventory, locations and orders
Bottleneck congestion analysis
View historical, active and aged tasks with color heat indicators
Travel path analysis
■ Receiving & Put-Away

Streamline appointment scheduling, QC inspections, directed put-away, returns, cross-docking, and flow-through. Dynamically configure locations. Support voice- and RF-enabled activities, as well as mixed, rainbow, and multi-pallet operations.

Inventory Management

Optimize fulfillment in multi-site and multi-owner operations. Reduce obsolescence with configurable rotation rules and LPN-controlled tracking. Enhance visibility down to bin location level. Real-time, system-driven, and attribute-based cycle counting

Picking & Replenishment

Supports such techniques as order, cluster, and consolidation picking, and dynamic replenishment. Incorporate voice, RF, ecommerce, kitting, and allocation requirements. Improve stock rotation and space utilization with automated triggers

Wave & Task Management

Prioritize and interleave tasks, supporting B2B and B2C fulfillment. Highly configurable release and escalation rules help optimize cycle times, balance workloads, and build shipments. View outstanding work using flexible graphic queries.

Labor Management

Measure, assess, and view DC activities to increase operational efficiency. Whether inventory, location, workflow, labor, or equipment related, identify bottlenecks and balance resources. Engineered labor standards and real-time performance metrics inform scenario analyses.

3PL Billing

Infor WMS embeds an industry-leading activity-based solution with customer-level costing, billing, and invoicing. Incorporate account-specific workflows, traceability, and services critical to supporting multi-warehouse and multi-owner operations.

Take advantage of business intelligence at the facility and enterprise level

Online and mobile inquiries
Operational created analytics and dashboards
Standard operational reports
Alerts and notifications
Connect and drive enterprise analytics