VIVE Solutions

Industry focused solutions with powerful workflows for your business

Enabling Better Tomorrow

B2B and DC2 processing from a single facility

Simplify and optimize omni-channel fulfillment operations

Intuitive wave management
Flexible allocations including Dynamic, Hard and others
Multiple levels of units of measurement
Inventory attributes such as lot codes, country of origin, shelf life, size, style, color and more
Easy integration to small parcel shipping systems
Immediate insights with visual warehouse

Gained enhance visibility of the facility to improve and streamline inventory management

Validation of physical configuration set up
Visual queries of inventory, locations and orders
Bottleneck congestion analysis
View historical, active and aged tasks with color heat indicators
Travel path analysis
Creating A Better Tomorrow

Our cloud solutions, built for your business

Automotive Business

Manage repair services, job cards, stocks tracking and importantly, increase the engagement with your customers through automated notifications. Applicable for vehicles rental, dealership and claims businesses

Contractors Business

Simply assign all the revenue, expenses/costs, documents, digital forms, change orders and sales commissions to your projects and have a complete overview on them

B2B Sales

Track the incoming leads, convert them into opportunities, sign digital contract agreements and manage the performance of your sales team and their KPIs

Facilities Management

More information will be made available in Q3 2021!

Multichannel eCommerce

Track your business across multiple sales channels (both online and offline), including Shopee, Lazada, Shopify and more. Get a complete overview (in real-time) on the sales and stocks levels both in your physical and virtual stores from anywhere you are

Engineering Business

Manage work orders, delivery orders stocks tracking and engineering documents together in one platform. Capture all incoming leads enquiries (from emails, social media and etc) and you can reply directly to them from the system. Convert the right leads into opportunities

Our Integrations

Get a unified view across your selling, logistics, accounting, and inventory

Social Media

Take advantage of business intelligence at the facility and enterprise level

Online and mobile inquiries
Operational created analytics and dashboards
Standard operational reports
Alerts and notifications
Connect and drive enterprise analytics